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10-Minute Hip-Opening Yoga Flow


 Do you carry stress in your shoulders, inflicting back pain and poor posture? If therefore, this 10-minute yoga effort is for you. during this video, Health contributive editor Kristin McGee demonstrates a series of poses, or asanas, which will facilitate open your shoulders, increase flexibility, and strengthen your higher body. Watch the video and follow on.

Don’t have time to watch? browse the complete transcript:
Hi, i am Kristin McGee. Here could be a nice yoga sequence you'll be able to do to open up your higher body. Since we’re forever schlepping serious baggage, numerous people carry tension in our shoulders and therefore the head and neck region. This sequence helps to unharness those muscles, strengthen the arms and shoulders, and maintain nice posture. Let’s start and make certain to repeat all the poses you are doing on the proper facet on the left yet.
Shoulder gap Stretch: Standing tall, clasp your hands along behind your back. recline slightly to open the chest, then slowly fold over the legs with the hands still clasped because the arms reach overhead behind the rear.
High Lunge (Right Side): Step your right foot into a lunge and carry the arms up overhead.
Vinyasa: Drop your hands to the mat and step into a downward-facing dog with the heels pushing down and therefore the hips raised high. Roll your body forward to come back into a plank, keeping into your chaturanga. Inhale as you are doing AN upward-facing dog and exhale as you progress into a downward-facing dog. Walk the feet to the front of the mat, clasp the hands behind the rear once more, reaching toward the ceiling as you fold forward, then swing up to face. Repeat this swinging motion once more.

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Tricep Stretch (Right Side): Hold opposite elbows overhead. Take the proper arm overhead and pull the elbow together with your paw to urge the deep tricep gap. If you can, sneak the left arm up behind the rear therefore the hands clasp from opposite directions. Lean slightly to the left for a pleasant shoulder gap.
Eagle (Right Side): Interlace the proper arm beneath the left with the palms ironed along to form eagle arms. begin to create atiny low circle movement with the arms in one direction, then the opposite. Next,  left leg over the proper leg. If you can, double cross the within the arms and shoulders.

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Bend and Press Stretch: Standing tall, press the hands up to the ceiling, then bend the elbows to the edges. currently press the arms keep a copy to the ceiling. Inhale as you bend the elbows down toward the body, exhale as you push the palms keep a copy toward the ceiling. Add the legs if you would like, bending the knees and you bend the elbows, and continuance as you extend the arms straight once more. Repeat thrice.
Standing Forward Fold: From standing, fold the higher body over the legs.
Plank Pose: Bring the body parallel to the ground with the palms and toes pressing right down to the mat, heels pushing back.
Shoulder Stretch: On cards, flip your mitt to face your paw. Next, take the left arm and thread it through to the proper in order that you are resting on the rear of the left shoulder. If you would like to lift the proper arm, you can. you'll be able to additionally throw that right arm all the means around behind you to catch the inner left thigh. return to all or any fours and repeat the stretch on the opposite facet.
Forearm Downward-Facing Dog: Drop your hands to the mat and step into a downward-facing dog with the heels pushing down and therefore the hips raised high. Pedal out the feet, then drop the forearms to the, roll the body forward to come back into a forearm plank.

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Sphinx Pose: From a forearm plank, lower your hips to the ground to come back into a sphinx create. Slide the shoulders down the rear, gap up the chest. Keep the tailbone long and therefore a sphinx create, roll yourself right down to the mat and stretch your arms out long to the edges. Keep your mitt reaching dead set the facet, with the palm facing down initially. begin to roll onto the proper shoulder. As you are doing this, flip the palm to set about. Next, step the left foot to the skin of the proper leg and check out to seek out all-time low hand with the highest hand. because the hands attempt to clasp along behind the rear, you will feel a serious body structure stretch. Repeat the stretch on the left facet.
Child’s Pose: Push yourself back to a child’s create, with the higher body resting on the thighs, arms extended call at front of you. Flip the palms to set about, attempting to urge your thumbnails to the touch the mat to open up the shoulders. If you would like to travel even deeper, bend the elbows and place your hands on your shoulders Shoulder Stretch: Sitting on the mat, take one arm across the chest. Use the other arm to softly pull it additional for a stretch. Switch sides.


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